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Would Be Mayor Michael Hall Turns For Help To Liberal Firm That Helped Obama, Hillary and Nancy Pelosi

Mississippi Group Lists Planned Parenthood Among Top Clients

When Corpus Christi Mayor candidate Michael Hall needed some political expertise in his run for mayor, the 28-year-old engineer turned to a left-wing political company that has helped elect some of the country’s most liberal politicians including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, and lists Planned Parenthood among its 2500 clients.

Finance reports show that Hall pulled over $2500 out of his own pocket to pay the liberal leaning Mississippi firm that describes itself as “progressive” to help him in his bid for mayor.

Hall has been trying to convince voters he is the best alternative to Mayor Joe McComb, who is seeking his first full-term as the city’s top public servant.

But Hall has been peppered with unflattering criticisms, including:

  • Opening every speech with “I’m not from here. I’m from Chicago.”
  • Revelations that he (Hall) moved to Corpus Christi in 2014, then says he owned an Austin company that tried to make a profit convincing people to eat crickets to solve the world’s hunger problems. On the website it says “We raise food-grade crickets on a commercial scale, and are actively working to normalize the consumption of insects in the western world.”
  • Hall is also under attack for skirting the issues, his support from liberal labor unions and his sketchy voting record.

Hall, who admits he has only voted once since signing up as a voter a decade ago, has racked up endorsements from Corpus Christi unions. Those same donors will be asking for more money and staffing in upcoming contract  negotiations that will affect every city employee, and could threaten to bankrupt the city coffers.

Hall’s latest finance reports indicate he has received $2,000 from the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association, and $2500 from the Corpus Christi Firefighters Association. That’s not counting the thousands of dollars worth of in-kind contributions still to be reported from volunteers from both of the unions to put up signs and work polling locations or the thousands more dollars expected to be shown from media buys made by the unions to support Hall’s candidacy.

Now the revelation that Hall hired a company that has helped the country’s most liberal politicians in addition to the nation’s biggest abortion provider has left many people wondering about Hall’s core values.

The issue came up Friday on the Bob Jones show on 1440 KEYS radio. Jones, a conservative talk show host, promised he would talk more about that issue on Monday during an interview with McComb, which included a call from Tea Party leader Rick Milby who expressed strong concerns over Hall’s support team and voting history.

Other callers, including former city council member and current Precinct 1 County Commissioner Carolyn Vaughn, said McComb was a steady hand for the city, and noted that while she sometimes disagreed with the mayor on a few issues while serving on city council, she fully supports McComb for a full term as mayor and knew he always had the best interest of the city at heart.

Election day for the mayor’s election is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Other mayoral candidates on the ballot are Aislynn Campbell, who runs a farmer’s market and nonprofit; Dan McQueen, the shortest reigning mayor in Corpus Christi history after resigning on his 37th day in office; and Ray Madrigal de Pancho Villa, a perennial candidate for office who says he changed his name after DNA proved he was related to the famous outlaw from Mexico.

Local publisher making an impact on both new residents and foodies alike

For Immediate Release
April 7, 2017
Contact: Cassandra Strom, Publisher
361-949-0735 office
740-706-2009 cell

Local publisher making an impact on both new residents and foodies alike

Corpus Christi Publisher Cassandra Strom and her staff have been busy putting the final touches on the latest editions of The Official Corpus Christi Relocation & Newcomers Guide and The Taste Local Restaurant Menu Guide. The two full color annual magazines have been a labor of love, but a labor, nonetheless.

“I love our city and want to share with everyone the beauty I see in Corpus Christi,” Strom stated. “It is important that when people are moving to a new area they see all the best that city has to offer, and that is why we work so hard to put together the comprehensive resources that are being released.”

Strom owns Padre Island Business Branding, a small business that has been publishing and distributing Corpus Christi’s only relocation guide for the past three years. From that project came a separate magazine, The Taste Local Restaurant Menu Guide, which is in its second edition. Working together with a skilled group of artists, salespeople, editors, content managers and advisors, her staff finalized the new editions of the magazines late last month and received shipment of the over 65,000 copies. They are now busy distributing the latest issues throughout the Coastal Bend.

The Relocation Guide has grown by 20% two years in a row and this issue features expanded information on different neighborhoods throughout the area, school districts, healthy living, attractions and more. They have also added many new local restaurants to The Taste Menu Guide and redesigned the two websites that feature the different magazines, and

Strom shared, “It is so important to showcase locally owned businesses who are the backbone of our community. We work hard to give them an outlet and provide a beautiful way to tell their story alongside the info we gather from different agencies around the city.”

The public is invited to join the publisher and her staff as they unveil the new magazines at two upcoming events. The Relocation & Newcomers Guide release will be held at La Palmera Mall from 5-7pm on Monday April 7; look for the set-up near the Food Court Aquarium. The release for The Taste Local Restaurant Menu Guide will be held Monday, April 17 from 5-7pm at Costa Sur Wok & Ceviche Bar at 15113 South Padre Island Drive on the Island. A ribbon cutting will be at 5:15 that evening. More information can be found on their Facebook events pages.