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More Than a Women

Secure-Woman-Stock-ImageNot meaning to rain on the “girl power” parade that started last night when Hillary Rodham Clinton was nominated as the first woman presidential candidate–oh wait, never mind, I do mean to. My chest did not swell with womanly pride when HRC’s name was called. I did not shed a womanly tear at all that we as a sex have overcome. I rolled my eyes and yelled “Oh for godsake, people!” at the tv.

Can we just cut this “I-am-woman” crap out? Ladies, if we wanted to be treated as equals, then we need to quit asking for special recognition just for being female.

Enough is Enough

1This has been a really crappy week. It started with Hillary not being charged for things she clearly did, then moved on to two seemingly out of control cops killing black men without cause, and finished with 5 white police officers being killed in Dallas, Texas after a peaceful protest by the Black Lives Matter people.