Can We Just Ban Political Signs?

politicalsignsIts that time of year again. Political sign season. I hate it.

Driving through the Texas Hill Country or along its beautiful Gulf Coast becomes a constant barrage of garish signs prompting you to “Vote for Me”. They are ugly and I can’t for the life of me figure out why candidates spend money on something so ineffective.

I once volunteered on a campaign and the general consultant told me that signs are just ego strokes for the candidates, they don’t actually prompt people to vote. If you are a new candidate, it may help some with name recognition, but what wins votes is knocking on doors and asking for votes. Candidates don’t want to do that so they put their names on signs and hope the signs do the work for them.

And these suckers are expensive. Depending on the size and the number of colors you have on the sign, they can cost up to $50 each! Multiply $50 by the 10,000 signs that you are going to see in vacant lots and chain link fences over the next 90 days and you will see what a colossal waste of money these things are.

So candidates, save your money for bottled water and sunscreen for when you block walk. Rest assure that not one human being has ever looked at a sign nailed to a fence or waving from a neighbor’s front yard and thought “I bet he’d make a good county commissioner”.

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